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Onesys - The new home of Sage Coretime

What Is Coretime?

Coretime is the best in timesheet, expense and project management software allowing both employees and businesses to have better visibility and efficiency over project management and invoicing. Offering an online timesheet software like no other, Coretime can sync with sage invoicing software to make billing and invoicing clients even easier. 

A helpful and advanced expense tracking software, Coretime allows you to see where every minute of time is being spent, giving you a complete overview of client engagements and where you are spending your money. 

Who Can Use Coretime?

Coretime is project planning, invoicing, and expenditure tracking software made exclusively for time-based professions. 

Businesses that handle several minor operations in addition to those who oversee numerous large and sophisticated projects over protracted periods of time may consider Coretime. Additionally, for those that have employees spread out across many offices in the UK or abroad. 

Users range in quantity from 5 to several hundreds, and our clients come from a wide variety of business industries. Discover more about everything Coretime can accomplish for a company like yours by clicking on the links below.

Coretime - a brief history

Coretime was acquired by Onesys from Sage Group PLC on 29th May 2020. Before this purchase, the product was known as ‘Sage Coretime’.

Onesys are one of Sage’s largest and most successful business partners with offices throughout the UK.

Prior to this acquisition, Onesys had successfully supplied and supported many hundreds of Coretime customers over almost 20 years, having been appointed as the first reseller of the software in 2002. 

During that time, the product has evolved and grown into the functionally rich and robust product that you see today. The Onesys Development Team are now building on this platform to grow and improve the product based on customer feedback.

There are Coretime customers in the UK, Eire and around the world, with deployments ranging from a few users through to hundreds of fee earners in multiple offices. These include a number of blue chip clients.

Onesys also have a fully accredited and well-resourced team supporting Coretime, including experienced consultants to assist with implementation and training requirements. We now have more than 20 people working in the Coretime division. 

Sage Developer

Onesys are also Sage Developers and can integrate with other software as well as providing other services such as developing custom reports to your specification. We have lots of experience of doing both.

Because we supply a wide range of other Sage software including Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sage CRM, many of our clients choose Onesys as a single point of contact across all their Sage software.

You can read about some of our clients and their experience of working with us in our Case Studies.

Sage Business Partner

We specialise in supplying Sage software and we are also the largest UK partner of Global Business Systems. We also supply a number of other bespoke systems. We have partnerships with a number of other key vendors such as Version One, IBM and Microfocus. 

Onesys supply complete, distribution, manufacturing and service sector software systems as well as accounting, resource planning and project management systems. Find out more about our full range of software solutions at www.onesys.co.uk.


Excellent Working Relationships

We value long-term relationships with our clients. Our approach is to clearly identify what you are trying to achieve and then provide a solution which can meet your objectives. Our friendly, professional training and support is an important part of our service to you.

Some of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. Onesys are by far the largest and most experienced supplier of Sage Coretime in the UK with thousands of satisfied users.

Find out about the Sage Coretime Team and the Onesys Vision, Mission & Culture

How Can Coretime Benefit Your Business?

Coretime might be a game-changer for businesses struggling with multiple systems, repeated data entry, and time-consuming reporting. By integrating CRM, Timesheets, Cost Containment, Planning And scheduling, Budget Control, Program Management, and Statistics under one roof, Coretime frees you up to spend time carrying out the tasks for which you are paid.
  • Improve Staff Productivity
  • Highly Configurable 
  • Remove Duplication
  • Increased Control Over Time & Expenses
  • Accelerate Invoicing
  • View High Level Reports 
  • Increase Project Visibility 
  • Instant, Accurate, Real-Time Data 

Coretime Key Features

Coretime offers an employee timesheet management system like no other. Not only does it offer timesheets for employees, but also houses expense tracking software as well as project management software. 

Get in touch if you would like to discuss your business objectives and how Sage Coretime can help.