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Sage is a leading supplier of business management software. With a customer base ranging from small start-ups to larger organisations, Sage have wide ranging experience in supplying software to help companies of all sizes to manage their business processes more effectively.

Sage PLC is the only software company in the FTSE 100 with a £1 billion annual turnover. When you choose Sage, you partner with a vendor that has more than 24 years experience and 6.2 million customers worldwide. They have an enviable track record of helping businesses manage their finances, people, customers and suppliers and helping them plan for future success. With many years of experience in the software marketplace, Sage has an excellent understanding of the issues and concerns that their software customers face.

As one of the world's largest software suppliers Sages' objectives are: 


  • To help customers run their businesses more effectively
  • To help them to gain greater insight into their business activities
  • To provide them with lasting benefits by automating their business processes

Software designed for UK companies and used worldwide.

Sage software is developed in the UK.

Sage apply their knowledge and expertise to constantly innovate and develop software and services.

Established Sage Business Partner – Onesys. 
As one of the largest Sage UK business partners, Onesys operates in close partnership with Sage. Selected because of Onesys's long-standing experience in providing software solutions to SMEs across the UK, you can be sure that you are dealing with a long established company with local presence, experience and expertise to understand your business

Onesys’s customer focused approach.

The Onesys philosophy of putting the customer first, is evident at every stage of the process from initial consultation, supply and installation of your software, through to training and ongoing support. Onesys takes the time to understand your business and your issues. With experience of dealing with hundreds of customers across the UK, Onesys can offer advice and expertise and high quality, dedicated, responsive support to ensure you get maximum utility from your software from day one so ensuring a quick return on your investment.

To find out more about how Onesys can help you call us on 01423 330335 or if you prefer, send us an enquiry and we will call you. Take a look at our Coretime Case Studies to see examples of how some of our clients have benefited from lower costs, increased efficiency and profitability as a result of using our software.