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Onesys have managed the implementation of over 500 business management systems over the last twenty years. Over this period, many of these systems have been migrated through a number of generations of technology, demonstrating the high level of client satisfaction with Onesys’ services.

The adoption of a new software is often a significant change within a business and we understand and appreciate this. When you buy Coretime you can rest easy, as the ease of installation and implementation of Coretime has been proven time and time again. With the minimum of disruption to your day-to-day activities you will quickly be getting maximum value out of your investment.
Our success with project management is based on the following key guidelines:-
   1. There must be clear identification of priorities with measurable goals; early successes must be achieved, delivering a positive momentum to the implementation and tangible value to the organization as soon as is possible.
   2. A member of senior management must be fully committed to the implementation. With an active engagement with system outcomes, feedback from management on progress can be delivered to the project team and the importance of the project impressed on other members of the organization.
   3. If at all possible, a project should be analyzed into a set of simpler tasks so that a project can be delivered with minimized risk in “bite sized chucks” where “tried and tested” is the maxim.
   4. Communication, Communication, Communication!! A prerequisite of success is the identification of lines of communication, responsibility and an escalation hierarchy so that project issues can be resolved as quickly as possible without unnecessary political complications.
After implementation, it is vital that an organization has confidence in its supplier so that when business growth or change occurs the way you use your software within your organisation can evolve to support that change.
Coretime is highly configurable software allowing you to adapt the software as your organisation grows and changes. There is no limit to the number of users who can have access to the software and no limit to the number of projects which can be managed within the software. Additional users can be purchased, user access rights changed, reports added and so on. The same principles that deliver initial success can be relied upon throughout the life-time of the software so reducing the total cost of ownership.

To find out more about how Onesys can help you call us on 01423 330335 or if you prefer, send us an enquiry and we will call you. Take a look at our Case Studies to see examples of how some of our clients have benefited from lower costs, increased efficiency and profitability as a result of using our software.


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