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Auditable timesheets for EU-funded research projects.
Timesheet software

For organisations planning research or already engaged in research funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), an effective means of monitoring the time spent on research activities is an essential requirement. As is efficient financial control of the available funds and resources allocated to a project. Sage Coretime is timesheet software and project software which can be used to provide fully auditable timesheets and help organisations manage all aspects of EU funded research projects.

Sage Coretime is timesheet and project management software which allows researchers to:
  • Manage project resources
  • Manage timesheets
  • Define activities and user access
  • Manage timesheet approval process
  • Monitor and control project expenses
  • Allocate resources
  • Create task lists
  • Monitor project progress
  • Append documents
  • Communicate and report on project data
It allows easy collation of all the auditable timesheets and project data relating to grants and allows organisations to demonstrate clear financial processes on their projects. The extensive reporting suite allows annual reporting submissions to be easily produced without onerous collation of project information.
Integration with Sage 50 and Sage 200 accounts systems streamlines business processes eliminating duplication of effort and increasing business efficiency.

EU research grants – who do they apply to?

The core of FP7, which represents two thirds of the total budget, aims to promote collaborative research across Europe and other partner countries. The following are some examples of the types of organisations who are eligible to apply:
  • Research groups at universities or research institutes
  • Companies planning to innovate
  • Small or medium sized enterprises
  • Public or governmental administration
  • Postgraduate researchers or experienced researchers
  • Institutions running research infrastructures (transnational)
  • International organisations

If you are planning EU funded research and need to provide auditable timesheets and effective project control, Sage Coretime is a robust, secure timesheet system which can meet your needs. 
For more information on key features of the timesheet software and project management software follow the links below:

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