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Capital Cranfield

Capital Cranfield Trustees are pension advisors who offer independent trustee services to ongoing UK pension schemes as well as to pension schemes in wind-up. Established in 1992, they now provide services which cover all aspects of independent pension trusteeship and have offices in London, Nottingham and Scotland where they operate as Scottish Pension Trustees.

The Problem

With over 35 staff constantly on the road they had identified the need for a new timesheet solution to replace their existing system. With self-employed employees often working remotely,  tracking hours was a potential difficulty but one which Coretime handled with ease. Many employees did not need to complete a full weeks timesheet and the concept of core hours, holidays and non-chargeable time was non-existent. There was also a key requirement to improve the ease of billing which had become very time-consuming using their legacy system.


Coretime allowed Capital Cranfield the flexibility to tailor the way they wanted to use the system to meet their specific business needs A number of bespoke reports to enable them to track invoicing completed their software purchase giving them the visibility and real-time data they had been searching for. The number of users now stands at a total of 46 staff.

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