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Project management is the art of making the right decision

Coretime is a leading provider of project management software. Our platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline their project management processes, making it easier to plan, track, and manage projects. 

We invite businesses of any size to use our project management software, we are currently offering a free trial for businesses to use and integrate within their business. Our team will be on standby to help with any queries, questions or issues with integrating out project management software.

Project planning and resource management
  • Identify the most effective project team
  • Identify staff availability and plan in emergency resource
  • Understand the cost impact of substituting staff
Project managing and controlling budgets
  • Set projects up to internally defined project stages/RIBA stages
  • Control timesheets and monitor
  • View project expenses against jobs/activities
  • View expenses against agreed budgets at any level
  • Set email alerts to warn when budgets are at risk
  • Use past project data to plan new projects
 View the project plan and minimise risks
  • Get accurate, up to date project information
  • Track progress of project activities to prevent overruns
  • Track costs to maximise recovery rates
  • Share vital project documents across the team.
  • Make project timelines, budgets and staff allocation visible to defined team members.

Project management templates to improve project costing:
  • Use past project templates to forecast future history.
  • Test out scenarios to optimise budgets.
  • Build profitability into future projects.

Some of the features of the Coretime project management software which give you visibility of your project resources allowing you to manage and control projects more effectively:
  • Key performance measures dashboard.
  • Email alerts to prevent overruns.
  • Extensive reporting suite with over 100 reports.
  • Robust, secure system for all project data.

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The benefits of managing projects with Coretime.

One of the biggest benefits of using project management software like Coretime is that it helps to streamline your project management process. With our software, you'll be able to easily plan and track your projects, which can help to save you time and money. 

Our software also allows you to collaborate with team members and share files, which can help to improve communication and increase productivity.

In addition, our software also offers integration with invoicing and time tracking, this allows you to easily track billable hours and expenses, and generate invoices for your clients. This can help to save you time and money, and ensure that you're getting paid for all of the hours worked on your projects.

Another benefit of using project management software like Coretime is that it helps to improve the overall organization of your projects. With our software, you'll be able to easily plan, track, and manage your projects, which can help to ensure that your projects are completed on time and on budget. Coretime gives you:

Tracking costs

Time and expense data can be viewed at any work breakdown level:
  • Client
  • Project/Job
  • Phase/Stage/RIBA workstage
  • Activity/Task

View Work in Progress

  • View WIP as either unbilled activity or on a % complete/revenue recognition basis
  • Use automatic email alerts to manage risk of time and budget overrun
  • View Aged WIP or view WIP at a date point 
  • Easily invoice, carry forward or write off transactions 

Managing budgets and invoicing

  • Set budgets and allocate to chosen work breakdown
  • View Actuals versus Budget and identify variances
  • Generate invoices with associated project detail directly against WIP
  • Invoice against retainer schedules for fixed fee contracts
  • View Aged Invoices and Debtor reports

Managing current and future profitability

  • View profitability at any level
  • invoice, job, phase, RIBA workstage, project or client level
  • Drill down to identify areas of risk
  • Use historical data source for analysis of past projects
  • Use past projects as templates for future projects
  • Amend resources, budgets and other parameters to generate scenarios and maximise profitability
  • Store all your job costing information in one place for easy analysis
  • Breakdown staff, materials and other job costs in detail to better understand profitability
  • Compare jobs to identify those that are most profitable

Financial reporting

A comprehensive suite of reports covering every aspect of financial management is available as standard and for busy Senior Managers dashboard functionality delivers key ‘hot button’ info for monitoring KPIs.

Tracking the financial progress of projects is vital to ensure that projects meet both client objectives and deliver profit for your organisation. For successful budgetary control you need accurate and timely data and controls within the system to ensure that you are able to quickly identify when budgets are at risk. Coretime gives you a powerful project accounting software tool which will allow you to monitor and control your budgets.

Getting a quick update on spend and work in progress within larger organisations is particularily challenging. Coretime is the ideal solution for organisations with complex requirements. It handles with ease multiple projects, projects completed over an extended period of time, projects involving many different resources and staff who may be working across several office or site locations or even at overseas locations.

Discover reports at business, client, project and employee levels:

  • Business Reports for improved financial control
  • Employee Reports for effective resource planning
  • Project Reports for better project management
  • Debtor Reports for managing cash flow
  • Recovery Reports for improving cost management
  • Listings for centralising project information

One highly effective system

Coretime allows you to improve your efficiency and productivity. It gives you easy access to all the information you need and sophisticated controls to enable you to manage your projects in one highly effective system. It improves decision-making and project forecasting by centralising all critical project data. Coretime is a proven browser-based software tool which can be made accessible to any member of your staff wherever they are based.

Take a look at our case studies to see how some of our clients are benefiting from using Coretime.

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Fast return on investment

Our clients tell us that while getting rid of inefficient timesheet systems was the key driver in purchasing Coretime, the business benefits have been much more far-reaching. Increased visibility of project data has led to substantial cost-savings. As a result the return on investment is typically achieved within three to six months.

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What's Next?

If you want to find out more about Coretime’s project management software, why not get in contact with our team today? Our helpful team will be able to answer any queries you may have about our platform as well as assist with software set-up. We always seek to get a good knowledge of your business needs and then actively demonstrate how the software can address those needs. We feel this is the quickest and easiest way of assessing whether Coretime is right for you.