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Coretime For Engineering Consultants

Coretime is a powerful project management tool used by a broad range of Environmental Consultants worldwide. These include large, multi-disciplinary Consultancies offering a wide range of services.

Onesys specialise in supplying software to the professional services sector, We have installed Coretime in over 500 businesses in the UK and overseas.

Some of the key features Coretime offers  engineering consultants are:

  • Accurate Time and Expense Management
  • Mobile Data Capture
  • Easily Accessible Budgetary Control
  • A Central Project Management Resource
  • Deatiled Project Profitability
  • Clear Work in Progress Visibility
  • Staff Planning and Forecasting Tools
  • Key Business Data Reporting 
  • Full Integration with Sage Accounts and other software
The increasing demand for services provided by Environmental Consultants has created its own pressures within the industry. Coretime is a proven project management tool which is designed to ease the task of managing complex environmental projects.

The increased understanding of how development, waste management and pollution issues affect our environment has led to ever greater environmental legislation and controls. Meanwhile the range of services offered by consultancies continues to increase. 

The core consultancy services on waste management and water treatment offered previously have now been expanded to cover new initiatives such as renewable energy, environmentally friendly design and product development, carbon foot-printing and environmental impact assessments. Against this considerable change in the landscape of environmental management there is an increasing need to manage and control complex projects involving many different resources.

Coretime is designed to make project management much easier. It allows you to quickly capture time and expenses against projects involving multiple resources. Onesys have an established and growing base of clients, a large number of whom are Environmental Consultants using Coretime to help them manage their business.