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The Client

P+HS Architects have over 35 years expertise in the design and technical delivery of complex buildings.

P+HS cover all services from architecture and technical delivery to project management and interior design, they truly understand the industry and how to deliver projects to the highest standards.

More information on P+HS can be found here

The Problem

P+HS had been using Sage 50 and an alternative timesheet system, CMAP. Pete Stead, Director of P+HS said ‘we were probably using 15% of functionality within our previous system and we found it very costly if we wanted to use any additional features. We got to the point where we working for the system and the system wasn’t working for us.]

‘We were struggling to get a handle on short term projects, the information became so inaccurate that we actually began to go back to Excel to calculate WIP. The double-entry of data was increasing everyone’s workloads and was becoming unworkable’


The Solution

As P+HS were already using Sage they decided to look for a system that fully integrated with their Accounts package. A quick Google later and they found Coretime.

‘We wanted a system that monitored time and expenses against projects but that could give us fully accurate reporting and data that we can rely on. We are expected increase turnover this year and needed a system that could work with us to better interrogate the figures’ Pete summarises. ‘It was an easy decision to move over to Coretime, you could tell that the team at Onesys knew our business and how Coretime could improve processes; considering none of them are from a construction background this was really comforting for us. In terms of costs we were able to put in Coretime and a HR package for less than we paid previously, which of course is also a positive’.

Coretime can be configured to meet your business needs through customisable fields and analysis groups ensuring vital information is captured about your projects that can be used both in your business and to show clients how their projects are running. Coretime removes time consuming collation of spreadsheets and improves the information flow on projects. Coretime is designed to give you all the information you need quickly, saving time and money and showing a quick return on investment.

The Outcome

Overall, the biggest positive to P+HS and their business in implementing Coretime is the accuracy of their data. ‘You can rely on the data’, Pete says, ‘it’s real honest data, you don’t need to manipulate it to get it to work the way you want. It has improved the efficiency and accuracy of our business and helped us to make long term strategic decisions for the whole business. It has  taken the load off both of our Admin and Project teams which has allowed them to get on with their jobs without having to worry about the data that is going into our Project Management system.

‘Another huge positive for us is the reduction is double entry of information, not having to manipulate information and enter it somewhere else has made such a drastic difference to how we run our business, we can’t imagine not having Coretime now!’

Coretime is used by a broad range of Architects across the UK. From Architects specialising in designing buildings to Architects who excel at landscaping and creating environments, Coretime has a proven track record of helping Architects easily manage and control multiple projects.

As well as being easy and intuitive to use, Coretime is also highly flexible making it the ideal tool to help you manage multiple projects, requiring multiple different resources easily and efficiently. It is also capable of handling complex, long term projects reflecting the nature of project work often undertaken by Architects.

You can read more on how Coretime works for Architects here

Coretime is constantly evolving. Functionality is frequently being added to the product through upgrades and additional modules. The Coretime roadmap can be found here and to see what else Coretime can do, please click here