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JNP Group

The Client

Founded in 1982, UK wide based JNP Group are a firm of Civil and Structural Consultant Engineers that have a solid reputation in a range of sectors including residential, transport, rail infrastructure, renewable energy, education, healthcare, industrial, public buildings, office, retail and leisure.

With over 100 employees, JNP Group are highly experienced multidiscipline construction consultants. Delivering professional, integrated efficient design and consultancy solutions for the built environment. From inception to completion, irrespective of project size.

JNP Group are dedicated to building enduring connections with their partners, encompassing their team, clients, suppliers and the broader community. Jamie Seabrook, IT Manager for JNP Group says ‘being cost-effective and innovative helps us keep that competitive edge’.

More information about JNP Group can be found here

The Problem

JNP Group have been using Coretime since 2014 and have grown significantly to around 140 Coretime users in 2024. When looking for a new timesheet, expense and project management system, they were initially looking for a package that they could migrate their bespoke database over to and meet the needs of their growing business.

Jamie says ‘we were originally using a simple Microsoft database with a bespoke VBA Graphical User Interface. It was developed in 1999 and was suitable for a small company but as the company grew it became difficult to use across multiple offices in the UK. Our simple database wasn’t easily accessed by multiple people at the same time, it was slow to load and would corrupt often when many people were trying to connect over VPN. There was a lack of reporting, no ability to upload expense and no way to automatically track invoices. Coretime were the only company that understood our needs and Coretime is the only package that works well for us as consulting engineers’.

The Solution

JNP Group wanted a cloud-based system, an easy to use interface, configurable reporting across multiple departments and disciplines, to track project spend with the associated invoicing and record Client information.

‘Coretime was live demonstrated to us using our existing data and Coretime were able to answer all of our questions. The process was very easy to order, and the implementation of the product was smoother and faster than expected’.

‘Coretime was very different from our previous old system and like any product it came with a learning curve. For timesheet users with the least impact it was very easy to learn. We paid for Coretime to be in our office for 3 days to spend time with our advanced users on our live data. We also had some bespoke screens and utilities created to help simplify some tasks and help with the onboarding process. I don’t know of many other systems that could be customised in this way’

JNP Group use Coretime to record timesheets, project expenses, creating invoices, logging payments, recordings Client contact details, Client spend, financial reporting and general project management. They also have Coretime linked to Sage 50 to automatically transfer invoices over from Coretime and the invoices from Coretime are also synced with Draycir Credit Hound for automatic client debt management.

‘Coretime is very modern and being cloud based has made access to the system so much easier and faster to run. It is a very reliable package and the excellent support provided makes Coretime more favourable’ Jamie adds.

The Outcome

Coretime has been fundamental in the fast expansion and modernisation of JNP Group. Coretime has helped achieve this by reducing the time required to input data and produce detailed reports for better financial efficiency.

Asking Jamie to sum up the key benefits of using Coretime, he explains, ‘Coretime has an easy to use interface, is reliable and fast to access. Detailed reporting, the ability to customise some functionality, some interaction with our Sage 50 Accounts and Credit Hound has been key to improving the overall efficiency of our business’

In conclusion, ‘Coretime saves hours of time, reduces the need to maintain so many different spreadsheets and records everything centrally. This system empowers Project Managers with the ability to track project spend themselves, it gives general staff an easy to use and easy to access timesheet function. It also allows the project administration to be maintained by non-management, freeing up their precious time to focus more on their primary work instead.’

‘Coretime is one of the most important packages within the business and is based on an annual subscription with full cloud access. This is a truly fantastic system and very affordable for a company of our size, it’s a fraction of the cost of some systems such as Autodesk and Microsoft’.
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What's Next?

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