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The Client

At Gradient, they know how much an ERP system means to you and your business. Since 1997 Gradient have built up a formidable reputation in the industry for being able to help businesses transform their information systems.

They are expertly placed to work with companies with specific needs, such as aerospace, precision engineering, medical device manufacturers, and more, as they understand the regulatory compliance needed particularly in these sectors. Their implementation and installation specialists care about your people, processes and strategic goals.

Gradient support you in countless ways, for example with business analysis, project management of implementations/upgrades, continual improvement and lean schemes and much more.

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The Problem

Prior to the implementation of Coretime Gradient Consulting were using Excel spreadsheets and Sage 50 Accounts to manage their projects and invoicing.

It was the job of David Murray, Head of Operations at Gradient Consulting, to collate spreadsheets at the end of every month consisting of the employees’ timesheets and expense claims. ‘It was becoming a real headache at the end of every month; a couple of days editing the spreadsheets and then another couple of days sense checking. Even when I locked down the spreadsheets, it was still becoming very difficult and time consuming. It was becoming more and more evident that we were losing money in time and expenses that could have been charged back to the client.’

‘We started to look around online to see what Timesheet systems were available on the market. Using Sage as a starting point and narrowing down from there, we quickly came across Coretime'. 

The Solution

‘After a straightforward sales process we decided Coretime was the right fit for our business, especially as it integrated with our Sage 50 Accounts system. The eradication of manual tasks and the clear way in which we could see it would improve our internal processes made it an easy decision’ David explains.

Coretime is a cloud-based timesheet system which is quick and easy to use and can be used anytime, anywhere, so both office-based staff and staff working remotely can have easy access to their project data. Coretime gives you complete project visibility and accurate, real time data to help manage your projects effectively.

For businesses looking to improve efficiency, Coretime is the tried and trusted solution that can be integrated with your Accounts system. It eliminates double-entry of timesheets, improves accuracy and speeds up billing cycles.

The Outcome

‘The project information we now have since purchasing Coretime is so much better than before. The impact Coretime has had on our business has been phenomenal, we can now focus on growing our business. We have shut all of our physical offices as Coretime has helped our teams to work remotely and more efficiently. We can’t imagine being without it now.’ David concludes.

Coretime is suitable for businesses who manage many small projects as well as those who run large and complex projects over extended time periods. Coretime can handle time and material based projects as well as fixed-fee engagements with its powerful budgetary controls. We have clients from a wide range of industry sectors, including Accountants, Architects, Engineering Consultants, Surveyors and IT Consultancies, with user numbers ranging from below 5 to many 100s.

Coretime is constantly evolving. Functionality is frequently being added to the product through upgrades and additional modules. The Coretime roadmap can be found here and to see what else Coretime can do please click here.