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Coretime CRM - Not Just for Sales

Posted: 3 October 2023

While Coretime’s new CRM extension will do a great job of managing your pipeline, making sure that no opportunity slips through the net; it can also be used elsewhere in your business.

Coretime CRM’s task management function can be used to put reminders in against yourself or other Coretime users to prompt action with existing customers. Care calls, Project progress reviews etc. can all be scheduled in against Contacts, Clients or Projects in Coretime. When users log in, they’ll be presented with these actions and required to either action, reassign or defer them.

The document capture facility within Coretime CRM has been expanded to make it easier to file and simpler to view attachments that are related to Project deliverables. Documents can be categorised by type and status making it easy for users to see if there is a completed contract against a Project, for example.

Email integration takes this a step further. Coretime CRM’s Outlook plugin allows users to file selected emails and any associated attachments straight into Coretime. So, when you combine tasks, documents and emails into one screen, Coretime CRM users can have full visibility of interactions within a Contact, Client or Project. 

These communication records can also be a useful audit trail of what has been happening on a Project, so if there are queries or issues about who said what to who and when, they can be addressed quickly.

And if somebody leaves, it should be easy for colleagues or their replacement to pick up where they left off.

Coretime CRM will help you realise these benefits for a fraction of the price of a standalone CRM system and it all runs within the same framework – so no double logins, interfacing, multiple interfaces etc.  

So, don’t just think of CRM as a new business, prospecting tool, it can be so much more.

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