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Coretime Integrations

Posted: 14 February 2023

Having your systems talk to each other is usually a top priority for the people we speak to during the process of buying Coretime. They might currently be using spreadsheets to manage their time and projects and a separate accounting system that they manually input this data into for invoicing. Some of the businesses we speak to can spend a couple of days every month collating this information and entering it into another system.

This blog post will explain what we mean by integration, the benefits of having integrated systems and how Coretime talks to other pieces of software to enhance the user experience.

What do we mean by software integration?

Integration refers to the process of combining two pieces of software to solve the problem of isolated data. The aim is to streamline your business processes and save you time to work on other, less time-consuming aspects of your job.

Benefits of integration

  • Time Saving – having all your key data in an integrated system significantly saves you time both in collating information and double-entry of data
  • Increased productivity and efficiency – vastly reduce the amount of administrative time freeing the team up to spend more time on fee-earning jobs and projects
  • Significant visibility improvements – all project managers and administrative staff can have a full view of the whole business – project profitability, timesheets and invoicing
  • Comprehensive reporting – the reporting and dashboards within Coretime are full of up to date information that allow you to make quick decisions with the data to back you up. The reduction in admin time means you have more time to spend using this intelligence.
  • Simplified decision making - when you have a fully integrated system you know your data is reliable and is 100% in real-time meaning that you can make decisions faster and with more confidence

What does Coretime integrate with?

Coretime can integrate with your Accounts package. It has a two-way interface allowing data to be input once and shared across both applications. Coretime is the ideal timesheet, expense and project management solution for those running their Accounts on either Sage or Xero. More information can be found here

For customers looking for a more enhanced way of managing customer communications and tracking the progress of business development initiatives the Coretime link with Sage CRM is ideal. The interface allows users to see Sage CRM from within Coretime and in the same way Coretime projects can also be viewed while using Sage CRM. This gives you a 360 degree view of project information from whichever system you happen to be in. More information can be found here

Coretime uses open, industry standard databases that make it easy to link Coretime data with other systems that use databases that comply with such standards. All data in Coretime is held in either MYSQL or MSSQL databases and can be exported via Excel or accessed in real-time using the API.  

Next Steps

Do you spend too much time collating information and completing double-entry data tasks? Want to find out more? Speak to one of our team today and find out how Coretime can work with your existing systems to streamline your business processes.

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