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Sage CRM for Customer Services

Keeping your customers satisfied and delivering excellent customer service is vital to any organisation. Your current customers are not only a source of current revenue but often represent a source of future revenue which is easier and more cost-effective to win. They are also a highly valuable communication channel and point of reference which can be used to promote your products or services to other potential customers.

Sage CRM provides customer service teams with a tool to help them do their job more effectively. Sage CRM is not just an additional piece of software which is a ‘nice to have’ but not essential. It is a valuable tool which helps your customer service team to deliver an important part of your business offering to your customers. Having the right tools to do the job means you can run your business more efficiently, improve customer service to help you retain existing business and generate new sales opportunities from your current customer base.

Web-based self-service for your customers 

Sage CRM allows you to roll-out web-based customer service quickly and cost-effectively. Customers can access information as required, track data and update the system when it suits them so freeing up customer service resources for more complex service delivery.

Interactive dashboard maximises efficiency

The interactive dashboard is an intuitive, customisable workspace which can be tailored to meet individual needs. Customer service teams can monitor customer cases from one workspace so saving them time switching between systems. For supervisors and  managers it can be used to provide analysis on call volume, case resolution times, communications, follow-ups and escalations so the performance of the customer service team can be evaluated and maximised at all times.

Increasing efficiency and productivity

Effective communication and easy access to essential customer data are the building blocks of effective customer service. Without quick and full access to customer data, valuable time can be quickly lost when trying to deliver a service to your customers. The interactive dashboard in Sage CRM allows customer service users to view customer information real-time, review service agreements and past history and then take the quickest course of action to resolve a customer query. Sage CRM saves time and money and ensures you have all the critical information to hand that allows you to effectively deliver excellent customer service.

Case management

Sage CRM allows customer service teams to record all customer communications so ensuring that a full case history is always available. Follow-up activities can be scheduled and escalation rules allow managers to ensure all queries are followed right through to completion so that no customer query is allowed to ‘fall through the cracks.’

Sage CRM helps customer service teams to:

  • Manage customer service from within a single system

  • Improve visibility of the customer service delivery

  • Improve response times and case resolutions

  • Capture customer feedback to enhance customer relationships

  • Retain and build excellent customer relationships

If you want to be able to deliver more effective customer service, monitor service performance and improve customer retention and satisfaction, find out more about Sage CRM for customer service by completing the enquiry form.

What next? 

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