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Sage CRM for Marketing

Understanding your potential customer base is critical for any organisation wanting to grow their revenue. Sage CRM provides powerful tools to help you to identify and then target your most promising sales prospects with relevant marketing campaigns. It then allows you to monitor those campaigns and evaluate their success from lead generation right through to sale.

Getting real visibility of marketing results and the sales process allows organisations to improve internal communications. Sage CRM streamlines and integrates the entire sales and marketing process so increasing efficiency and accountability. It decreases the cost of generating sales leads, makes the process of converting sales more efficient and so helps you generate more profitable sales revenue.
Sage CRM allows you to improve marketing effectiveness by improving campaign planning, execution and management and allowing you to easily evaluate the success of marketing activities using the features outlined below.

E-Marketing from a centralised customer database

Emarketing is a really cost-effective way of getting your sales and marketing messages to your prospects and customers. Sage CRM allows you to manage campaigns in-house as part of an integrated sales and marketing process. Customer data is often stored on separate, out-dated, non-communicating systems. With Sage CRM you can bring all your valuable internal data together in one easy to use system so you can really get the most out of your customer and prospect data.

Planning and automating e-marketing campaigns.

Using e-marketing templates and smart-sending features Sage CRM allows you to schedule a series of online communications based on the recipient’s interaction with your email. The ability to track open rates, click through and bounce rates from within Sage CRM gives you the information you need to refine future campaigns. It then allows you to schedule follow-up activities such as telemarketing and assign tasks to the relevant teams.

Managing marketing budgets

Ensuring your marketing budget is well spent and yielding results is easily measured within Sage CRM by tracking budgets for individual campaigns and calculating sales revenue generated per campaign. Marketing analytics and reporting ensure that you have total visibility over spend at all stages in the cycle allowing you to calculate return on investment.

Evaluating campaigns via the interactive dashboard

Obtaining the data you need to make decisions on future campaigns can often be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The Sage CRM interactive dashboard saves time and improves efficiency by giving you instant access to the data you need via your workspace. Highly intuitive and customisable, the interactive dashboard allows you to choose the data you want to see which is relevant to you. It allows busy Marketing Directors to instantly view marketing campaigns and sales activities so that you always have the top line information you need to hand to evaluate campaign success.

Sage CRM helps marketing teams to:

  • Identify, segment and prioritise marketing target
  • Create marketing campaigns and waves of activity and monitor in real-time
  • Run E-Marketing campaigns
  • Automate follow-up activities and prioritise prime leads
  • Measure campaign success
  • Monitor revenue yield per campaign

If you want to be able to effectively target your prospects, integrate the sales and marketing process and improve efficiency and accountability, convert more sales leads and quickly evaluate marketing spend, find out more about Sage CRM by completing our enquiry form.

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