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Onesys are delighted to offer a hosting service for our Coretime Timesheet Software customers. So, if you own a copy of Coretime and you are thinking of migrating to a new server, or you are considering ‘Cloud’ as an IT policy, please get in touch.

  • Backups – let Onesys take the responsibility of backing up your important Coretime data
  • Business Continuity – if your office is inaccessible, your staff can still access Coretime from our servers
  • Easier Remote Working – no need for VPNs, Firewall configuration etc. Easy access from home or overseas
  • Reduce IT Support costs – by letting Onesys manage your Coretime system, there is one less application to maintain
  • Move from Capex to Opex – rent your computer capacity by user by month. We can also match our service to peaks and troughs in your business
  • Reduce Hardware Spend – does your current server need replacing? Why not host your existing Coretime software in the cloud to free up capacity on your existing hardware

For more information and pricing on the Onesys Coretime hosting service, please call us on 01423 330335 Option 1.

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