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Custom Reports and Dashboards

Coretime is supplied with over 120 pre-defined reports designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of end users. However we recognise that every organisation is different and that certain organisations will also need reporting tailored to meet their individual requirements. In these instances we are happy to design and provide custom built reports.

Custom reports to save you time

The benefits of getting exactly the information you want in exactly the format you require can be quite considerable when you take into account the time spent exporting data to Excel and manipulating information manually on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Onesys can create your own custom reports that run within the Coretime framework to show your information exactly how you want to view it.

Display data from other systems within Coretime

Custom reports give you your information the way you want to see it, but they can also be used to update the Coretime system too. We can even draw information from other databases into one place for you.
So, if you are looking for a quicker way to analyse job profitability, create subprojects or to update % complete across multiple projects all in one place we can help.

Custom dashboards for instant access to user specific data

Onesys can also build tailored dashboards to your exact specification. If you want to quickly check how your projects are performing or who in your team has been filling out their timesheets a tailored dashboard can provide you with data at your fingertips.

Our reports, screens and dashboards can contain graphs and charts to provide users a more visually appealing interface. Drill down and drill through to further detailed information is also available and customised email alerts can also be incorporated if required. 

The dashboards really come in to their own when you want to quickly check how your projects are performing or who in your team has been filling out their timesheets.

These dashboards can run either from within Coretime or they can run straight from your Windows desktop. The dashboards can pick up a user logged into Windows then cross reference it with the Sage Coretime database and return information just for that person without even logging in to Coretime.

Custom reports and dashboards can save you valuable time and money and ensure your staff time is used effectively. So if you want to discuss a requirement for a custom report or dashboard, please Contact Us