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Product Updates

Coretime was acquired by Onesys from Sage Group PLC on 29th May 2020. Before this purchase, the product was known as ‘Sage Coretime’.

Prior to this acquisition, Onesys had successfully supplied and supported many hundreds of Coretime customers over almost 20 years, having been appointed as the first reseller of the software in 2002. 

During that time, the product has evolved and grown into the functionally rich and robust product that you see today. The Onesys Development Team are now building on this platform to grow and improve the product based on customer feedback.

When you buy Coretime your software will be professionally supported by Onesys and benefit from continued development by our technical team to ensure that it meets the needs of its current and future customer base.

The latest version of Coretime is version 5.3. To find out more about the enhancements which have been incorporated in this new release, read more at Coretime 5.3

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