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We have undertaken hundreds of client installs across the UK and have a wealth of past experience which we can draw on to manage this process quickly and efficiently.We appreciate that our clients are looking for a simple solution which will not disrupt their normal business activities. Onesys will make all the necessary preparations for a smooth transation and help you to organise the data and processes which you need to have ready prior to ‘going live’ with the software.

We offer two solutions for installation:

SaaS Cloud Solution.

Coretime can be hosted remotely on secure Microsoft servers or if you prefer you can choose to host with your chosen hosting provider.

Install on your own servers.

Coretime can be installed locally directly on your servers.
With either option we undertake a fact-finding exercise as a first step and ensure that we fully understand your current system set-up. This ensures that any potential complications which we may need to take into account are fully understood before we begin the installation.
Installations are routinely done remotely and we have a dedicated technician who manages this process working alongside your designated IT contact.
Coretime is administered over the Intranet or Internet using familiar web-browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and others.

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