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Coretime Software Support

We aim to provide top quality support to all our clients. We have a dedicated support team who have years of experience and whose aim is to ensure that you get the support you need.

An outline of our Software Support agreement is provided below but complete and comprehensive details can be viewed by downloading the attached Software Support Agreement.

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Our Annual Service Agreement includes: 

  • Supply at the customer’s request and upon payment of a nominal handling charge of new releases of the Software
  • Correction of any errors in the Software normally by the issue of new versions of the Software from time to tim, but if appropriate by the issue of individually correcting programs
  • Assistance in the usage of the Software (provided remotely by telephone or e-mail)
  • Support will be provided for up to two man-hours in any given calendar month
  • Support will be provided between 9.00  am and  5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays inclusive but not on Bank and other Public Holidays
  • Onesys will endeavour to resolve urgent or severe problems by close of business on the working day following the day of notification
  • Other problems will be resolved within a reasonable period of time agreed between customer and Onesys
  • New releases of the software will be made available as soon as practicable after general release

The annual services will be provided only if: 

  • The customer is licensed to use the software
  • The customer is using the software in full compliance with the licence
  • The software is operating on hardware at the installation address
  • All Annual Service charges and all other sums due to the Service Provider (Onesys), have been paid
  • Onesys is able to diagnose the source of software problems by remote access or by recreating the error using customer data or by using standard sample data. The customer may be requested to assist by providing appropriate print-outs or other information. 

Additional services which are outside the scope of the Annual Support Agreement include:

  • Site visits
  • Software installation
  • Initial set-up and configuration
  • Transfer of programs and data
  • Upgrades to any element of the software provided by third parties
  • Training
  • Re-installation

A detailed description of the full terms of our support agreement are available on request.

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