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Sage Training

Onesys have dedicated training and support staff that have years of experience working with Coretime and Sage applications. Once your software has been installed, we assess your training needs and provide training at your premises. Training needs vary greatly depending on user requirements, however within any organisation there tends to be a number of 'key users' who need comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the software. Most organisations choose to train these key personnel who are then fully equipped to cascade their knowledge throughout their own organisation.
We support you with your software throughout the life-time of the product and can also provide additional training for new personnel or for existing personnel whose requirements have changed. Our training staff have many years of experience with the company and always seek to understand how you wish to use your system and then configure the system to meet those needs. Your support contact will often be the same person who has completed training and so will have a detailed knowledge of your set-up and be able to help you with any queries quickly and efficiently.

We take great pride in our customer service and value long-term client relationships. We will always strive to provide top quality training which is tailored to meet your individual needs. We welcome feedback from our customers which helps us continually improve our service to you.

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