User Access

Coretime Timesheet Software is a browser-based application and can be accessed on a PC or Mac or via an App on a mobile device. For remote workers away from the internet, timesheets can be entered on a laptop and downloaded at an appropriate time. Read more in Technical Details.

Sage 50 and Accounts Integration

Coretime Timesheet Software can interface with Sage 50.It has a two way interface allowing data to be input once and shared across both applications. Coretime is the ideal Project Accounting Software for the Sage 50 Accounts range. Read more in Accounts Integration 

Coretime Timesheet Software Dynamic Link to Sage CRM

For Coretime customers who are looking for a better way of managing customer communications and tracking the progress of business development initiatives the new Coretime – Sage CRM dynamic link is ideal.

This interface allows users to see Sage CRM records from within Coretime and in the same way Coretime projects can also be viewed while using Sage CRM. This gives users a 360 degree view of project information from whichever system they happen to be in.
It allows communications to be recorded and tracked in Sage CRM at the business development stage and then, once a project contract has been agreed, it automatically converts the business opportunity to a live project in Coretime. Communications would continue to be tracked in Sage CRM but will alsobe available to view from within the Coretime project record.
In addition to communications tracking, Sage CRM gives users the ability to store related emails and documents alongside records of customer communications. This capability makes Sage CRM a very user-friendly and practical solution for managing project documentation which is more suited to the needs of professional services businesses than other more complex and costly systems.

Subscription prices per user for the Sage CRM solution make this a very affordable and scalable option for small to medium-sized businesses. 

Standalone Software for Project Billing

Coretime has both Invoicing and Debtors functions (including Receivables) and can also be used as a standalone software application for timesheets and project billing.

MS Project

Coretime can interface with MS Project for more detailed project planning.
  • Staff - Active employees from Coretime can be added as resources in MS Project.
  • Tasks – Project Tasks from MS Project can be transferred into Coretime 
  • Planner – Tasks from MS Project can be added as planned events in the Staff Planner in Coretime
  • Budgets - Tasks from MS Project are added as budgets in Coretime
  • Percentage Complete – This Coretime option calculates the time worked on tasks and transfers this value as a  (%) complete into an MS Project project.

Document Management 

Documents can be held in a folder within projects for easy shared access to essential project documents. From Coretime you can point at a folder containing a collated set of stored documents related to a particular project. Alternatively you can engineer a link with your document management software and we have a number of clients who do this already.

Integrating with other databases and documents

Coretime uses Open industry standard databases that make it easy to use Coretime data with other software systems that comply to such standards. All data in Coretime is held in either MYSQL or MS/SQL databases and can be either be exported via Excel or accessed in real-time by an ODBC driver or the API so that easy-integration with third-party software is available as required. 

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