Work scheduling and task management is a vital part of successful project management. Sage Coretime is task management software which ensures the smooth progress of any project and provides a quick and easy method of assigning tasks to staff and reviewing progress. The Sage Coretime Task Management module is a valuable tool which allows you to do exactly that.

Work scheduling software for allocating tasks to staff.

Managers or Administrators are able to set-up tasks for individuals or departments within a central system. Tasks can then be assigned to project staff.  These tasks are then accessed from within the timesheets tab within Sage Coretime by each user. The tasks can then be worked on by staff and the task-status can be viewed and monitored by Managers, Administrators or whoever assigned the task.
The key advantage of the Task Management module is that it gives instant visibility of the progress on any task within a project. It allows Managers to monitor progress and ensure their projects are running to schedule.

Key Features:

  • Allocate tasks to staff
  • Monitor how much time has been spent on tasks.
  • Review task completion and compare against project plans.
  • Identify tasks which are likely to overrun.
  • Gain an easy channel of communication with project staff.
  • Revise task allocation.
  • View a critical history to aid future project forecasting.

Time management on projects.

Task management software saves valuable time by giving Managers a quick means of getting an update on the progress of their projects. It delivers real-time data on their project status. It eliminates the need to manually request updates on task completion by email which depends on staff responding in a timely manner.
The ability to access a central system greatly improves efficiency on complex or long-running projects and where staff  work at different office locations, in different countries and time-zones and on projects where contract staff are used. It is an efficient task management tool which can also be used as a channel of communication for Managers as well as project staff.


Improves communication and productivity.

Staff can instantly view tasks allocated to them and plan their time effectively. Tasks appear within a Task Page of the time recording module which is routinely accessed by time-based staff. Staff can easily log time against the individual tasks giving instant project progress updates to Managers. It allows staff to view productivity measures to monitor their own performance. Notes can be added to tasks to record valuable background information to explain any gains or losses in time against plan.

The Sage Coretime Task Manager module is a highly effective tool which gives Managers easy access to accurate, real-time data upon which to base project decisions. It allows Project Managers to minimise risk on their projects and keep projects on schedule and on budget.

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