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Coretime for IT Consultants

Coretime is used by a wide range of IT Consultants in the UK who want a browser-based solution specifically designed to capture time and costs on projects. Particularly in the current tough economic environment it is essential that time-based businesses are able to manage projects to deliver profit. Even in more favourable economic circumstances, the IT industry is an extremely competitive environment and effective project management is one way to stay ahead of the game.

Coretime has a number of key features that make it ideal for IT Consultants including:
  • Accurate Time and Expense Management
  • Mobile Data Capture
  • Easily Accessible Budgetary Control
  • A Central Project Management Resource
  • Measurable Project Profitability
  • Clear Work in Progress
  • Staff planning and Forcasting
  • Complete Business Reporting 
  • Easy Software Integrations

The Benefits Of Coretime For IT Consultants

Operational Efficiency 

Coretime allows IT consultants to track time spent on projects quickly and easily. It handles with ease multi-layered projects. Staff with differing skill sets for whom different charge out rates need to be applied are easily handled within the software making tracking and billing of time painless.

Effective Project Management

Regardless of whether a project is relatively standard or consists of providing a bespoke solution to a client it is crucial to monitor project progress and ensure that time spent on delivering that project does not exceed original costings. Coretime allows all project costs to be captured in a one system and tracked against budget so ensuring that projects can be managed effectively within your organisation.

How To Buy Coretime

There are two main ways you can deploy Coretime for your IT business. You can choose Coretime On Premise or choose the Coretime Cloud Based option (SaaS). There are Subscription and Capex purchase options so that we have solution for every client..

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