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Timesheet and Expense Software for Office Administrators

Coretime is a powerful timesheet entry, expense, billing and project management software tool with comprehensive reporting capabilities. It allows you to automate timesheet entry and get rid of manual Excel spreadsheets. It replaces inefficient, out-dated and un-supported home-grown systems which cannot be integrated with other critical project data.
Maintaining accurate records of time and expenses is essential for any professional services organisation. Keeping detailed records is critical for managing profitability without which you risk either exceeding your budget or falling short on covering your costs. When accounting for time spent on projects even non-chargeable activities such as training, holidays and sickness need careful recording to ensure you can account for all staff time on projects. All this can be easily automated by using a professionally designed software tool such as Coretime making the task of collation and reporting of timesheets quick, easy and efficient.

Timesheet and expense software which improves efficiency

  • It is simple and easy to use and so encourages people to use the system
  • Speeds up entry of timesheet and expense data and delivers real-time data
  • Saves valuable time by replacing the need to collate manual timesheets
  • Accessible through a web browser or via a mobile App
  • Removes the need for double entry of time in multiple internal systems
  • Improves the accuracy and completeness of timesheet data entry
  • It allows reports to be instantly delivered to management without delay
  • Time records are stamped with date, time of entry and duration. Allows more comprehensive reporting to management on where and when time has been spent and provides evidence able data which can be shared with clients.

  • Holiday allowances, overtime, time in lieu and sickness can all be tracked within the system allowing the allocation of staff to projects to be effectively managed and improving visibility of non-billable time at an organisational level.
  • Invoicing can be done directly from Work In Progress or against retainer schedules for fixed fee contracts.
  • Entry of project outlays can be done within Coretime or pulled through from Sage 50. The Coretime Purchase Order Manageme module is ideal for those needing more control.
  • Customisable access rights allowing users to log time only against their specified activities and projects. Email alert system notifies staff when agreed time thresholds have been reached and allows them to manage time more effectively.
  • Easy set up of projects allows time to be recorded at Client, Project,  Subproject and Activity level so delivering greater project detail and potential for analysis to the management team.
  • Timesheet history by user builds up within the system so that new timesheet entries can be swiftly populated by using the employee’s past timesheet history,  thereby speeding up the time entry process.
  • Time Management Features:

  • Simple client set up allows users to maintain an accurate database of contacts and their details in one system accessible to all authorised users. Any changes in address or role are immediately available in one single entry.
  • Simple intuitive system with time electronically recorded using drop-down menus on each user’s machine. This removes errors and provides consistency of data entry.
  • Browser-based interface, networked timesheet system installed on your servers or hosted online. Easily accessed by all staff whether office based or remote so improving visibility of all staff timesheet entries.