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Finance Directors

If you are looking for better financial control and complete visibility of all financial aspects of your projects, Coretime is the ideal tool, packed with functionality to help you manage your business more effectively.
For time-based professional service companies who base their invoices on hourly rates, an efficient, accurate, reliable system to capture time on individual projects is vital. Once those time records are captured, a software tool which enables you to manage essential accounting processes without unnecessary double-keying of data can yield significant business benefits.

But Coretime is more than time and billing software. It is designed to deliver robust financial controls and instant visibility of project data with its dashboard functionality and comprehensive suite of reports. It gives Finance Directors the control and visibility of project data to allow them to make timely decisions which will increase profitability.

Capturing more billable hours, more efficiently.

Coretime is a timesheet, expense and project management software tool which allows time and expense records to be easily captured using an App or a user-friendly web-based interface. The familiar functionality of Coretime has been proven to encourage more accurate and timely logging of project time which leads to more billable hours.
Billable hours are easily allocated against specific jobs, while background detail for work carried out can be swiftly entered to provide invoice detail and evidence to use with clients. Gains in staff productivity and business efficiency are almost always cited by clients as some of the key benefits of using Coretime.

Controlling budgets and managing risk.

Tracking time and expenses against budgets is made easy within Coretime with its centrally held database of project data. By setting up automated email alerts triggered when key budget thresholds are being approached, project budgets which are at risk can be easily identified. Dashboard functionality and a comprehensive reporting suite ensures you have the data instantly to hand to manage risk and control budgets.

Improving efficiency and billing cycles.

Billing and invoicing is also made much easier. Billable hours can be invoiced directly from Work in Progress or against retainer schedules for fixed fee contracts. This ensures higher levels of invoicing accuracy and accountability.
Expenses and third party costs are also entered by staff against specific jobs and can then be automatically allocated against project budgets. The Coretime solution deducts costs already incurred from the relevant budget, providing management instantly with the budget balance.
Easy integration with Sage Accounts and other accounts packages removes the need for double entry of data, so removing the potential for error and improving the accuracy and speed of the billing process.

Financial control

Coretime is designed to provide robust financial control and can be configured to meet your individual business needs. In addition to budget controls, the system allows projects to be set up centrally, user access rights to be assigned, timesheet approval processes to be defined and user access to key reports to be specified.
With its comprehensive reporting suite getting the information you need readily to hand is quick and easy. You can instantly get the full picture on project profitability and drill right down to invoice level. This detailed knowledge then helps you to assess how profitability on future stages or projects can be improved. When quoting for new business, using project templates to plan and budget can help you build a proposal based on the learnings from past projects. Then a variety of scenarios can be tested out to understand how to optimise profitability for that future business. To summarise, using the words of one of our satisfied customers:  
‘I would recommend Coretime to any company that wants to increase its ability to track and record time, invoice accurately, and establish better project-related management and financial controls.’

Mary Corrigan, Financial Controller
AJA Architects
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