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Technical Information

Browser-based software

Coretime Timesheet Software is browser-based software and can be accessed via all the most common browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari etc.

The Coretime APP is available for both iOS and Android.

PC and Mac compatible software

Project time and expenses data can be recorded as a timesheet and accessed from a local source e.g. a networked PC or Mac, a remote web enabled device such as a tablet or laptop with internet access. A Coretime App is avialble for remote workers with a data connection. For remote workers without a data connection, timesheets can be entered on a laptop and downloaded at an appropriate time.

Cloud or server based application

Coretime can be hosted locally on your own server infrastructure or remotely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud (SaaS). Installation is most often done remotely and after a comprehensive understanding of your technical requirements has been obtained through dialogue between our IT consultant and your appointed IT contact.

SQL database

Coretime is a real-time application which can reside on either the open-source MySQLdatabase or Microsoft's SQL Server. Connectors are available for both database types for direct real-time access from third-party software.

Export reports into Excel

Reports from Coretime Timesheet Software can all be downloaded into Excel spreadsheets for manipulation and entry into other systems if required.

Sage 50 and MS Project interfaces

Interfaces exist for Sage 50 Accounts and MS Project. Documents associated with projects can be held in a folder for quick retrieval.

Scalable solution

Coretime is a fully scalable system from 5 – 1000’s of users deployed on MySQL or MS SQL. It is suitable for single or multi-office use UK or worldwide.

Key technical features:

  • very light technology footprint
  • built on industry-standard platforms
  • easy to integrate with other enterprise software
can be accessed as freely and easily as required

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