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Marketing and PR Agencies

Coretime is the ideal tool for creative businesses looking for a flexible solution to manage time, expenses and projects. We know that creative businesses are highly individual and vary widely in terms of size, the services they offer and the range of clients. Whether you operate as a full service marketing agency, a PR or advertising agency the way you choose to organise your business projects can be as individual as the services you provide.
Coretime is designed to be tailored to meet your business requirements. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel and so we share our learnings and suggest ways in which you can get the most out of your system, but equally, we work with you to ensure the system meets your individual needs.

Key Features include:

 User friendly system
 Intuitive web-based system for MAC or PC
 Mobile Data Capture.
 Quick and easy to learn and use.
 Integrates with Accounting systems.

 Management and control
 Manage staff and allocate jobs.
 View jobs as they progress instantly.
 Set charge rates by client and job.
 Set user access rights by client and job.
 Easy data capture via Browser or App
 Capture all billable and non-billable time.
 Capture time against tasks, project briefs, or customers.
 Capture briefing documents such as visuals.

 Effective planning tool
 View profitability at project, client or business level.
 One common system for all to share.
 Past costing and job profitability to cost future jobs.
 Comprehensive reporting to meet needs of all users.