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Coretime Software For Architects

Coretime is used by a broad range of Architects worldwide. From architects specialising in designing buildings to architects who excel at landscaping and creating environments, Coretime has a proven track record of helping architects easily manage and control multiple projects.

As well as being easy and intuitive to use, Coretime is also highly flexible making it the ideal tool to help you manage multiple projects, requiring multiple different resources easily and efficiently. It is also capable of handling complex, long term projects reflecting the nature of project work often undertaken by professional architects.


How Architects Can Benefit From Using Coretime

Project Management

As a project management tool, Coretime provides a central source for all the key data on your projects, allowing you to micro-manage projects from every conceivable angle. For architects specifically, RIBA work stages can be applied to projects and new work stages can also be easily added, giving clear visibility of progress on your projects at each work stage.

Client led variations to the project plan can also be quickly identified and supporting notes entered against unplanned activities, giving you the evidence you need should you need to recover costs from your clients.

Financial Control

With Coretime you can view profitability measures at any project level, to help ensure that you remain fully in control of all financial aspects of your projects and make timely decisions to help maximise your profits. You can set pro-active email alerts to warn managers when projects are at risk of exceeding budgets and you can give the right people easy access to the financial data held on your projects to help keep your finances in control.

Effective Costing And Forecasting Tool

You can forecast new projects using a detailed database of valuable financial data on past projects and fee forecasting can be done using Coretime’s Fee Allocation system and the associated reports. You can even test out various cost scenarios and identify when projects are unlikely to yield a return.
Coretime for Architects

Understanding Business Opportunity Costs

In Coretime, speculative time can be recorded as a separate business activity so that the real costs of winning new business are clearly visible. This feature alongside the extensive reporting Coretime offers are a powerful combination that can help you fully understand the costs to your business and idestify new opportunities for increasing profits.

Effective Resource Planning

Easy access to complete, accurate, real-time data on staff availability and productivity allows you to easily plan recources, maximise the productivity of your team and forecast work to provide a clear work schedule. For  even more detailed planning Coretime can also link to MS Project.

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How To Buy Coretime

There are two main ways you can deploy Coretime for your architectural practice. You can choose Coretime On Premise or choose the Coretime Cloud Based option (SaaS). There are Subscription and Capex purchase options so that we have solution for every client..

What's Next?

We want to talk to you. Only by getting a good understanding of your business requirements can we recommend a solution. We always seek to get a good knowledge of your business needs and then actively demonstrate how the software can address those needs. We feel this is the quickest and easiest way of assessing whether Coretime is right for you. Coretime evaluation systems are available, so you can try out the solution within your business using your data. 
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