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Coretime For Surveyors

Highly skilled staff are likely to be your most valuable resource if you are selling a professional service. As a surveyor, the time spent on projects represents the major component of cost on any project.

It is therefore vital to capture as many chargeable hours as possible and minimise the time spent on important but non-fee earning activities such as timesheet management. Coretime is a proven timesheet software tool used by a wide range of Surveyors for capturing time and expenses and project management.

Key Features for Surveyors

  • Accurate Time and Expense Management
  • Mobile Data Capture
  • Easily Accessible Budgetary Control
  • A Central Project Management Resource
  • Detailed Project Profitability
  • Clear Work in Progress Visibility
  • Staff Planning and Forecasting Tools
  • Key Business Data Reporting
  • Full Integration With Sage Software

The Benefits Of Coretime For Surveyors

Expense Tracking

All expenses can be logged against time-sheet activities and additional supporting notes can be added to provide valuable background information on project costs and vital invoice detail for your clients.

This can be done via a web browser in the office, from home or via a Mobile App.

Coretime makes costs on your projects clearly visible and gives you greater financial control.

Timesheet Software With Access Via The Web or App

Coretime is an intuitive, browser-based software tool which makes tracking both billable and non-billable  time quick and easy. Time can be entered on PC or Macs or via mobile devices so that entering time is slick and quick wherever your surveyors are located. It can be used across multiple office locations, at home or on site, in the UK or at any location in the world.

Coretime can be installed locally on your server or run securely as a Cloud solution. 
Whether your staff are your own or contract based you can provide secure timesheet access by allocating access rights based on role or employee status. Timesheet input is made easy by using pre-defined project details, drop-down menus and drag and drop functionality so that you can be sure that time spent on non-billable administrative tasks is kept to the minimum.

Measuring Productivity And Allocating Resources

Where projects are lengthy and involve both internal and contract staff effective resource planning is critical to success. Coretime allows you to get an overview of all available resources and view productivity measures by employee to help you plan and allocate resources and maximise profitability on your projects.

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How To Buy Coretime

There are two main ways you can deploy Coretime for your architectural practice. You can choose Coretime On Premise or choose the Coretime Cloud Based option (SaaS). There are Subscription and Capex purchase options so that we have solution for every client..

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