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The Client

Callisto Consulting are part of a group of companies that can provide complete range of regulatory services to the pharmaceutical industry. They have extensive experience of human and veterinary medicines, herbal medicines, borderline products, food supplements and cosmetics.

Callisto Regulatory Consulting work across UK, Europe, and the rest of the world for a range of global, mid-sized and small pharmaceutical, healthcare and veterinary medicines companies.

More information on Callisto Consulting can be found here.

The Problem

Callisto had developed a bespoke timesheet system using Excel that enabled employees to book time against Clients and Activities. However as the business grew and Clients required more information it was clear this system was not fit for purpose going forward.

Business Administration & Finance Manager Paul Bunyan commented that ‘Timesheet entries were not always consistent as Excel didn’t offer sufficient configuration. Data manipulation for invoicing was unwieldy and time consuming and we suspected that not all potential billable time was being captured. Typically we have on average 70 active Clients per month, some with multiple projects and 22 employees entering time against these in 15 minute blocks. As you can imagine, this led to time consuming data handling and collating.’

The Solution

We wanted a central database that our employees could access over the internet that would be available regardless of whether they were in the office, at home or onsite. We needed a flexible way of entering time as it needed to be possible to enter time against a Client, a Project and an Activity within the Project in addition to also being able to add notes against the timesheet entry. Another major requirement for our system was flexible invoicing as we use different rates depending on the Client or Activity.’

Coretime is a cloud-based timesheet system which is quick and easy to use and can be used anytime, anywhere; so both office based staff and staff working remotely have easy access to their Project data. Coretime gives you complete Project visibility and accurate, real time data to help you manage your Projects effectively.

For businesses looking to improve efficiency, Coretime is the tried and trusted solution that can be integrated with your Accounts system. It eliminates double-entry of timesheets, improves accuracy and speeds up billing cycles.

The Outcome

Paul further commented that ‘Once we had done our initial research we narrowed down to a few options with Coretime becoming the most favourable mainly because of the integration with Sage 50 which we use for our Accounts. We had a demonstration of the system capabilities where Onesys had tailored data supplied during initial conversations which made it easy for us to recognise the potential in Coretime.

Since purchasing Coretime our time spent on administrative tasks, especially around invoicing has greatly reduced. We can also now respond to Client queries much more efficiently and with a more accurate, trusted response.
Overall the processes that we undertake using Coretime are much quicker and simpler and along with the benefits we’re now receiving in how we can report on our Project data using different parameters, we expect to see a return on investment within a year based on administration time saved’.

Coretime is suitable for businesses who manage many small Projects as well as those who run large and complex Projects over extended time periods. We have clients from a wide range of industry sectors, with user numbers ranging from below 5 to many 100s.

Coretime is constantly evolving. Functionality is frequently being added to the product through upgrades and additional modules. The Coretime Roadmap can be found here and to see what else Coretime can do, please click here     







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