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The Client

Automotive PR are a niche agency specialising in PR for just about any aspect of the automotive industry you care to name. One of only three or four agencies operating in this field, publicity for the launch of a new car or an international trade show is all in a day’s work for them. With clients ranging from Ferrari to DAF Trucks, and from GreenChem to Bosch, they are no stranger to success.

The Problem

However, frustrated by the lack of support and ongoing expenses they incurred with their current time management system, they were looking for an easier and more cost-effective solution for logging time and expenses against projects undertaken for their automotive clients. As Mus Kortach, Financial Controller explained “Our previous system just kept changing and didn’t seem to do what we wanted. It was too loose, prone to human error and from a finance perspective there just weren’t enough controls. With every customisation, we incurred additional  costs which made it a very expensive tool for us to use.”

The Outcome

“From a finance point of view, we use it as a management tool, I know I can just jump on it and get a report out quickly. We’ve been able to analyse time spent on projects by user and highlight those clients we are over-servicing as well as those who deserve more focus. When it comes to renegotiating contract rates we now have the ability to justify our costs because it’s all logged on the system. In one notable case we negotiated a substantial sum of money back from a client who we had been over-servicing so the Coretime software has already paid for itself several times over!”

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