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Coretime & Accounts Integration

Coretime can interface with your Accounts package. It has a two-way interface allowing data to be input once and shared across both applications. Coretime is the ideal Timesheet, Expense and Project Management solution for those running their Accounts on Sage or Xero. Read more on Coretime > Accounts integration here

Dynamic Link between Coretime & Sage CRM

For Coretime customers who are looking for more functionality than Coretime CRM provides, a more enhanced way of managing customer communications and tracking the progress of business development initiatives the Coretime link with Sage CRM is ideal.

This interface allows users to see Sage CRM from within Coretime and in the same way Coretime projects can also be viewed while using Sage CRM. This gives users a 360 degree view of project information from whichever system you happen to be in. Read more on Coretime > CRM Integration here

Document Management

Documents can be held in a folder within Projects for easy, shared access to essential project information. From Coretime you can point at a folder containing a collated set of stored documents relating to a particular project. Alternatively, you can engineer a link with your Document Management software. We have a number of Coretime customers who have done this already so have experience in helping you manage this process.

Integrating with our Databases & Documents

Coretime uses open, industry standard databases that make it easy to link Coretime data with other systems that use databases that comply with such standards. All data in Coretime is held in either MYSQL or MSSQL databases and can be exported via Excel or accessed in real-time using the API.


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