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Who will benefit from using Sage CRM?

For any business looking to grow and increase profitability, a CRM solution can help them attract and then convert new customers as well as to retain and grow business from existing customers. Service and customer relationships are now more important than ever in winning and retaining new business. To help manage customer relationships, identify and develop new opportunities a CRM strategy and an effective tool to manage that process is of key importance.

Sage CRM is an award winning customer relationship management software solution which equips sales, marketing and customer service teams with a user–friendly tool. It enables them to find new customers, close sales and build lasting, profitable business relationships across all channels.

Sage CRM is one of the worlds leading Customer Relationship Management software systems, with a worldwide user base of 3.1 million and individual installations running to hundreds of users.
Discover Sage CRM for Sales

Sage CRM automates the sales process and increases efficiency. It provides a single point of access for all sales communications which is easy to use and so maximises productivity.

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Discover Sage CRM for Marketing

Sage CRM provides powerful tools for managing marketing campaigns allows you to monitor campaign success from lead generation right through to sale.

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Discover Sage CRM for Customer Service
Manages and tracks customer service from within a single system giving total visibility of customer interactions so improving response times and customer satisfaction and ensuring you maximise customer retention.

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Sage CRM is one of the worlds leading Customer Relationship Management software systems, with a worldwide user base of 3.1 million and individual installations running to hundreds of users.

CRM partner Onesys is an accredited Sage Business Partner in the UK who supply, implement and deliver CRM support and CRM training. We have over 25 years experience in supplying software. Our approach is to get always discuss your business needs first and then recommend how software can deliver a solution to those needs.

New: Sage CRM Dynamic Link with Coretime

Systems which are integrated can deliver valuable cost-savings and remove administrative burden. Regardless of the size of your business the time and cost-savings achievable through system integration are always substantial. The right software gives you greater visibility and control and integration with other systems allows you to increase efficiency and productivity.

Onesys are therefore delighted to announce the availability of a dynamic link between Coretime and Sage’s award-winning Customer Relationship Management CRM system – Sage CRM.

This 2-way interface allows users to see Sage CRM information from within Coretime and in the same way they can view Coretime information from within Sage CRM. This affords users a 360 degree view of Project information and customer communications from whichever system they happen to be in.

What this also means is that Projects can be tracked from their very inception during the business development phase of their lifecycle right through to delivery and post-contract monitoring.

What's Next?

We want to talk to you. Only by getting a good understanding of your business requirements can we recommend a solution. We always seek to get a good knowledge of your business needs and then actively demonstrate how the software can address those needs. We feel this is the quickest and easiest way of assessing whether Coretime is right for you. Coretime evaluation systems are available, so you can try out the solution within your business using your data. 
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