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Engineering Consultant Case Studies

R.G. Parkins Consultant Engineers
R.G. Parkins & Partners Ltd undertakes over six hundred separate civil and structural engineering projects annually. In order to help efficiently manage this scale of activity, and to also help ensure that each individual job meets profit expectations, Company Director, David Heron chose to use the Sage-Coretime timesheet, expense, billing and project management software from Onesys.
GWP Engineering Consultants
GWP Consultants, an Oxfordshire–based independent consulting partnership, has significantly improved its ability to track and capture billable hours with Sage Coretime Here we see how this time recording and project management software tool has helped this business to increase its efficiency and profitability.
Caulmert Engineering, Environmental and Planning Consultants are a Coretime client. They explain how using Coretime timesheet software is helping them to achieve their growth ambitions and improve their efficiency.
JNP Group Consulting Engineers
JNP Group are a firm of Civil and Structural Consultant Engineers and have been using Coretime since 2014. They explain how Coretime is one of the most important packages within the business and how it has improved their processes.

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