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Sage CRM for Sales

Sage CRM helps streamline the sales process and increases efficiency. It gives your sales team instant access to customers and prospect data in a central database so they have data at their fingertips to help make their job easier. Your sales team can get instant access to calendars, contacts, call lists, sales pipeline and reports. They can schedule follow-up activities so that you never miss an opportunity.

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If you are considering a CRM system, why not start by asking yourself the questions below and then consider the level of lost sales opportunity there may be in your organisation currently:

Can your sales team:

  • Get instant access to sales contact and account details?
  • See instantly records of the latest communications and activities for that prospect or customer?
  • Make a record of the call, schedule a follow-up action and get reminders when to pursue opportunities?

Can the Marketing Manager, Sales Director or Managing Director:

  • Access customer data at their desktop or remotely and see instantly what activity is taking place?
  • Ensure that investment in marketing activities is being followed up by your sales team?
  • Access real time sales opportunities and pipeline to enable them to manage sales efforts?
Sage CRM helps businesses do all of the above and much more.

Sage CRM - Key Features

  • Centralises all data for customers and prospects
  • In-built workflow to automate the sales process – use out-of-the box or customise for your business
  • Generate sales proposals and quotes speedily and accurately using pre-defined templates
  • Track leads and apply field level security to suit your operation
  • Assign and/or escalate leads using assignment rules to automatically route to assigned sales staff
  • Synchronises MS Outlook email, calendar and contacts to update both systems in parallel
  • Interactive dashboard allows the sales team to manage their working day from one screen
  • On-screen reminders and notification alerts remind sales staff of scheduled activities
  • Point and click reporting and graphs show accurate, real-time sales forecasts
  • Web enabled access allows access ‘Anytime, Anywhere’
  • Customer’s service case management gives a true single view of the customer
  • Integrate with Sage Accounts and vital account information can also be viewed

Sage CRM - Key Benefits 

  • Improves Communication, team Collaboration and ability to Compete
  • Increases visibility of customers and prospects
  • Improves sales productivity and effectiveness
  • Shortens sales cycles, reduces administrative time, delivers more productive sales time
  • Improves sales forecast accuracy and gives visibility of pipeline potential
  • Increases prospect to customer conversion rates
  • Improves identification of new market opportunities
  • Improves prospect targeting
  • Makes visible opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers
  • Improves consistency of sales approach and performance

What's Next?

We want to talk to you. Only by getting a good understanding of your business requirements can we recommend a solution. We always seek to get a good knowledge of your business needs and then actively demonstrate how the software can address those needs. We feel this is the quickest and easiest way of assessing whether Sage Coretime is right for you. Sage Coretime evaluation systems are available, so you can try out the solution within your business using your data. 
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