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Carbon Connections

The Client

Part of the Low-Carbon Innovation Centre based at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Carbon Connections undertakes consulting projects to show businesses and organisations ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint.
Save electricity. Save water. Cut carbon emissions. We’re all familiar with the ways in which we should be helping to protect our planet. Saving money usually has more personal - or commercial – benefits, but it’s a particularly important consideration for organisations such as Carbon Connections. 

The Problem 

As a consultancy, a specific and robust time-measurement process was needed to make it accountable to its clients. Onesys, the major UK partner of Sage Professional Services Division worked with Carbon Connections to integrate Sage Coretime into the organisation’s daily operation – and the benefits quickly became clear. 

The Solution 

Intuitive software

“We’ve been using the programme for just over a year now,” explained Angela Larke, office manager at Carbon Connections. We didn’t really have a time-recording system before that – records were kept on an ad hoc basis. But when we became a consultancy we had to be more exact. It’s a very intuitive programme and it makes it easy to keep track of how much time is being spent on individual projects.”

Accountability through robust time-measurement

“We can really break down the information to a very detailed level to show exactly where the time is going – it’s helpful to both the project coordinators and our clients.” 

Great software support

“We also have telephone and email support from Onesys if we need it – it’s good to know you have that back-up, and the response has always been quick, detailed and helpful.”

The Outcome

Greater efficiency delivering time and cost savings.

In still-tough economic times, anything that saves money has to be a good thing. Many businesses and organisations see this kind of programme as a luxury, but it generally saves so much staff time and effort that it quickly pays for itself – people can concentrate on their jobs rather than administration.
Angela adds “Because we can pull information together so quickly it’s freed people up to work on other things, so there are cost savings on staff time – it’s made us more efficient and streamlined the way we work.” 

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